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Logo Designing

Imperfect Logo Design means no credibility.

A logo must inspire and make customers feel for your brand. HaqueTech creates perfect logos for every brand. It helps to generate a reliable image and customer loyalty.

Every Business Need Custom Logo Design For Their Brand.

When there is tough competition in the market, brands need something to stand out. A presentable and unique logo can define the exclusivity of your product or services. HaqueTech is here to create customized logo designs for every business.

We provide complete logo designing services aiming to present your business adequately. We research the market, ask you about the brand and create something that is fit for you and the market.
Resourcefulness, endurance, and suitability are the factors we focus on while customizing logos.

HaqueTech lets the clients customize the logo design pricing package. Set prices as per your requirements!

Mi new logo is simple but it cost $0.3 Million

Companies are investing in redesigning logos to mark an impressive brand`s image. Recently Mi invested $0.3 Million to give it’s brand a modern image. The previous logo is recreated. It is the most expensive yet simplest design of this era.

Our Brand Design Services Include
(But Are Not Limited To)

At HaqueTech, our stationery designs and logos are created to mark an impact. An image that can last for so long!

Why you should choose HaqueTech For Logo Design Services.

HaqueTech logo design team works with a futuristic and diverse approach. We are not limited to creating a logo to give your brand a visual presentation. Our designers aim to add a positive spark to your brand`s image through logos.


Different logo categories

One predefined formula cannot fit all niches. Ordinary designers work to fill the market space. They are not much focused on suitable characteristics and individuality.

Iconic Logo Design

Our experts offer you the logos correlating with symbols. While instinctively targeting specificities audience we symbolize your brand. We craft a brandmark and a provoking virtual existence of the company. You can think of symbols telling your brand story in seconds, that’s what we design.

Wordy Logo Design

Designers play with words and letters to bring out. This lies in the art of words or letters. Typography is an art in itself and when it is presented with other design elements; the logos are something beyond amazing. Our expertise, simplicity, and balance give the logo a sophisticated look. We are also known for playing with colors perfectly.

Illustrative Logo Design

These are dynamic and very artistic logos, mainly revolving around principles of niche marketing. We excel in illustrative logo designing and make your company stand out stupendously. Colors, themes, and artistic elements are incorporated to mark an assertive impression.

Emblem Logo Design

To support the concept of services/products an abstract pictorial design is created. Emblem logos by Haque Tech are very interactive and niche specific. They are also subjective yet very prompting.

Mascot Logo Design

Humanist character-based or cartoonish representation of your brand is mascot logo designing. Very defined and sharp graphic with complete artistic touches by Haque Tech design team fills life to logos.

Do you have Custom Logo Design?

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