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Digital Marketing vs Content Marketing

What comes to mind first when you think about which marketing strategy would work best for your business? Well, did you know that using content to build your business is just as important as using digital marketing strategies? But… do you really know the difference between content marketing and digital marketing? Both are often intermingled together and it can be difficult to differentiate between the two. Let’s dive into the key differences and help you establish how both can work together in your strategy to provide the best opportunities for you and your business.

What Are The Key Differences Between Digital Marketing And Content Marketing?

So, what are the differences between content marketing and digital marketing? Well boiled down, there isn’t a great difference between the two. They both strive to achieve the same things, increase traffic, qualify leads, generate sales and ultimately grow your business. It’s the processes and tactics used that really differentiate the two. Let’s take a look at the top-level definitions:

Digital marketing aims to leverage a variety of digital technologies and online marketing tactics like SEO, email marketing, running ads on social media and PPC. Encompassing all of the channels and platforms that a business could utilize to promote themselves in a crowded digital market and achieve goals. The term ‘digital marketing’ is so wide in fact that it covers other digital aspects such as web development despite being so different and independent – either way, they all co-exist under the same umbrella.

You might not think of content as ‘marketing’ but it can be. It gets people’s attention. Content marketing is defined as the technique of designing, creating and distributing valuable and consistent content tailored to an audience. There are commonly two sides to this, the production of the content and then the promotion. This content aligns with the challenges, needs and desires of the intended audiences or personas. Why? To engage visitors and promote conversions, it’s important to highlight here that a conversion is not defined by a sale, it’s when a prospect, lead or customer takes your desired action. The conversion in question could be signing up to your mailing list, registering interest for a product, or downloading a brochure.

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